Suits in the News

See how other businesses use the suit

While Baycrest uses simulation technology to educate lay persons and care providers to improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of care for aging Canadians, many other businesses in Canada and across the world use the 30/30 suit to learn and strengthen engagement with customers, enhance product development, and staff education. The possibilities are endless! Check out these examples below:

Paul Coffey Suits Up for Baycrest

Zane Caplansky on 1010 News

Ford and the Third Age Suit

The Baycrest 2046 Challenge on "Let's Eat"

Baycrest's Aging Suit

Genworth Aging Experience


Participants tell us time and time again how powerful it is to wear the aging suit. They find the experience totally immersive. The insights they gain offer a real world learning experience. One that opens a window into the lives of those who are frail and cognitively impaired and the challenges they face. Most believe that moving forward, their behaviours and attitude will never be the same, and we have seen this come true time and time again.

Lisa Sokoloff
Manager, Training and Simulation Shoshana Helfenbaum, Interprofessional Educator Baycrest Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging