The Challenge

30 years in 30 minutes to change the future


  1. Change – Raise crucial funds for Baycrest to drive innovations forward. Each participant will be required to raise a minimum of $15,000 to take part in the simulation. The participant will be required to reach at least 50% of their goal by the scheduled simulation date.
  1. WearParticipants will be engaged in a highly customized 30 minute simulation at a location of their choice: at work, at home, or at Baycrest to experience the physical and cognitive affects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The simulation will be delivered by our highly trained Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange team from start to finish.
  1. LearnBy changing your clothes, you can change your mind. Participants will learn how hard it can be to complete simple tasks throughout the highly innovative simulations that will lead to greater understanding of the care and support needed to fight against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia at every stage of life.

About the suit

The aging suit is a high tech set of carefully engineered weights and restrictors that have been designed to help simulate some of the most confining aspects of aging. It takes only a few moments – with a little help – to get fully rigged up and experience this remarkable simulation. But the impact will last a lifetime. The suit is just the beginning. Once in it, you’ll be taken through every day situations, either at home, at work or at Baycrest, that suddenly take on new and unexpected weight. You can’t move like you want to. You can’t hear instructions clearly. You can’t see the words on the page.

What the suit triggers

From head to toe your body will be transformed to simulate the physical and cognitive effects aging can have. Goggles restrict your vision, immediately creating a sense of isolation. Ear plugs further simulate the feeling of becoming shut off from the senses most of us take for granted. Heavy restrictors at all of your joints make movement laborious. Add to that posture-altering flexion belts and gloves to remove some of your tactile senses, and now you are ready to face day-to-day tasks from an entirely new perspective.

Did you know – companies around the world use this technology to help create their customer engagement strategies?

how it works

We can change your perception in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

  1. Sign Up Now
  2. Tell Your Networks – every dollar your raise is an important one. We will be there to help every step of the way.
  3. Suit Up – select a date and you will participant in a one-of-a-kind simulation in your home, office, or at Baycrest surrounded by those who know you best.

Fundraising details

We’re challenging you to raise a minimum of $15,000 to drive innovation and technology based research. We’ll provide everything you need to get your network motivated to support your participation in this truly unique experience.

Minimum goal: $15,000


The commitment

Give us 30 minutes and we will change your outlook for a lifetime! That’s how impactful this simulation is. Investing some time at the outset is critical to make the most of your experience. From fundraising to preparing for your simulation day you will be supported by the team at Baycrest.  They will be your fundraising cheerleaders and your hand to hold while you step into the 30/30 Suit. Then, on simulation day, in just half an hour, you’ll experience the future like you never thought possible. It has been called mind-opening, emotional and life changing. And it really does take 30 minutes. But it will change the way you think about aging for good.

The Impact

In today’s world of advanced technology and convenience, it’s easy to forget where we came from, and difficult to imagine where we are going.

Let us show you what the Baycrest 2046 Challenge might mean to you. Through your simulation you are guaranteed to gain valuable insight into the process of aging that could potentially unlock knowledge to refine the way your company interacts with an older population.

What does innovation in technology look like?

As an individual participant or a corporate sponsor you are the light bulb at the beginning of the story who sees the potential in technology and innovation and pushes to drive it forward.

The money you raise for Baycrest will help to fund technologies in production from CC-ABHI and see them through to completion; technologies which have the potential to make the future easier, safer, and brighter for all Canadians.