Who’s Involved

About the research and education team

The Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging, established in 2011, connects Baycrest’s large education enterprise under a shared and integrated framework. The Centre for Education provides strategic leadership to education, integrates all educational activities, provides infrastructure and coordination and supports our staff, educators and learners.

This past year saw the development of a division for Training and Simulation with the Centre for Education. The division arose from the increasing demands from both internal and external customers for training programs. With this unique capacity Baycrest establishes itself as, and remains a leader in aging and brain health through the dissemination of innovative educational practices and the development of specialized educational products and training services related to seniors’ care.

Simulation is a tool that is relatively new to geriatrics and long-term care. It is a form of experiential learning that is especially beneficial to experienced leaders and fosters interprofessional collaboration.


The Baycrest 2046 Challenge is important to me. There is no one who is immune to being touched by dementia and Alzheimer's. I want to be part of the soluation.

David Kaufman
President & CEO, Westcourt Capital Corporation
The results of it are incredibly intense for me...the more I understand about other people's perspectives, the better. I would say that anybody who had the opportunity to do this should jump at it.

Zane Caplansky
Owner, Caplansky's Deli
When I heard about Baycrest 2046 I jumped at the chance...you never really understand a person's plight until you walk a mile in their shoes, or in my case, a suit. It certainly gives you a much greater sense of empathy for those that have to deal with these challenges each and every day in every aspect of their life.

Jordan Banks
Managing Director, Facebook and Instagram Canada